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Updated: Jul 28, 2023

"Dromad" is an 0-4-2T Brazil class built in 1916 by Kerr Stuart. "Dromad" was built for Balfour Beatty ltd (a contracting company that still continues to this day) and named Sir Murray Morrison. She was sent to Fowler and Co In Cumbria on 30th March 2019 to return to steaming condition, this will happen in the next few years dependent on funding.

(C) Duncan Milner, Dromad is seen heading for the UK

Dromad originally assisted in the construction of the Loch Aber railway in Scotland. In 1918 the British Aluminium Company bought the loco outright and operated it on the Loch Aber system. She lay there until the 60's when bought by the Hampshire Narrow gauge Society for use as spare parts, including her boiler. The remains passed to Alan Keef ltd. all that was left was her chassis, funnel and cab.

Thanks to Kerry Doherty for taking the below footage showing Nancy arrive and Dromad depart for the UK, she will return again with your support.

The Cavan and Leitrim Railway commissioned her rebuilding at Alan Keef Ltd. to the loco she is now. Work started in 1988 and was first steamed in 1994. Dromad is currently out of service awaiting an overhaul but will work in the future. She has since departed Dromod for the UK for storage pending restoration. We will need support to get her steaming again through our vintage train appeal. If she comes back towards the end of Nancy's boiler cert, there will be two steam locos in steam together for the first time in the ROI since 1959 when the Cavan and Leitrim closed. Updates on the project will be posted here.

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