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Support us

The Cavan and Leitrim Railway needs YOUR support now more than ever


We are grateful to those who have supported us with donations over the years, we are all volunteers from a variety of backgrounds, who largely work full time during the week to keep the railway and museum open. 

We need your support to keep our railway projects going and to preserve Irish railway heritage.

As an example of some of our costs a lorry load of ballast (stone) needed for the railway costs over €100 per lorry load, rails have been bought above scrap price value to keep the running railway open, along with the purchasing of points at a 4 figure sum.


You can choose to donate any amount you can on the button below. Every penny counts! All monies raised will go 100% towards the railway.

Those that donate €50 or more will receive free supporting friend of the Cavan and Leitrim Railway, and will receive a quarterly Friends E-newsletter, along with free entry to Dromod on days the museum and railway are open.  

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